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2 weeks ago

The special needs patient in a wheelchair: methods for providing dental care to the patient in a wheelchair.

Disabled persons seeking dental care in your office may be

dependent on the use of a wheelchair in their everyday life. As dental

professionals treating the patient with special needs it is essential to

be knowledgeable in patient transfer from the wheelchair to the dental

chair without causing injury to yourself for the patient. There are many

factors to consider before, during and after wheelchair transfer.

It is important to remember that during the procedure the patient

may be entirely dependent on you and your ability to perform the task.

Some patients cannot be safely moved and must receive treatment in the


3 months ago

Do you really need both a gynecologist and a primary care doctor?

I generally recommend having both, but it comes down to personal preference and your own needs. If you don't have any major medical problems, you may be OK visiting your ob-gyn as your regular doctor. Any good gyno will be happy to talk to you about overall health. Although ob-gyns give guidance first and foremost on women's health and issues related to the reproductive organs, plenty offer services outside of that purview (cholesterol screenings, say).


3 months ago

Bayflex™ Partial Dentures Recommended by 93 Percent* of Dr. Gordon J. Christensen Clinicians Report® Evaluators

TAMPA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bayshore Dental Studio is pleased to announce 93 percent* of evaluators

at the dental industry's top education and product-testing foundation -

Dr. Gordon J. Christensen's Clinician's Report

4 months ago

How to Cure Bad Breath

The words coming out of your mouth are sweet, so why does everyone cringe and back away when you speak to them? Your mother would say it was your imagination, but there might be a reason why you're repelling your friends and colleagues: You could have a nasty case of halitosis or bad breath.

Simply put, bad breath is the result of odor-causing bacteria gorging and producing waste--or volatile sulfur compounds--in your mouth. Odor-causing bacteria are anaerobic, which means they don't need oxygen to survive. Instead, they prefer a dry, airless environment. This is when a good dental regimen becomes important--an accumulation of plaque (the white film that appears on teeth, gums and ton

7 months ago

Tips to Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist

Some tortures are physical

And some are mental,

But the one that is both

Is dental.

~ Ogden Nash

For many people, visiting a dentist is a dreadful prospect. The phobia itself is debilitating and is

8 months ago

Affordable Dental Treatment In The Atlanta Center For Cosmetic Dentistry

There are lots of kinds of dental surgeries but among one of the most difficult are dental implants. A bad or unscrupulous dentist can at best run you extra money, and also at worst allow you to sick or even kill you. There are multiple reasons why an individual loses teeth. While some of which may be legitimate, most of which are fraudulent and done through the clients who desire to secure unfair benefit of the situation or are poorly informed about medical procedures. The two most popular treating missing teeth are dentures and dental implants.

People who are looking forward for your dental implants should be proficient at health insurance should have healthy gums. These can usuall

8 months ago

Dentist Accused Of Child Abuse: Reports Of Dentist Chair Horror For Kids

Everyone wants brighter teeth. If the dental surgery setting is child-friendly, you can bet that the dentist will also be experienced and patient in handling children. By clicking Next, you agree to the AXS.

Genetics Rule. In addition to a great hourly wage, many Dental Assistants will receive bonuses if the dental office is doing well, health insurance, and discounted dental procedures. We watched a documentary together, where we saw how zookeepers clean the lion's teeth.

* dry mouth * tooth discomfort * excessive salivation . Basic dental work. The only thing that Sydney's mom knows at this time is that she would like to go back in time: "We want to rewind to Monday where we had our happy, healthy, funny, beautiful 17-year-old daughter," she wrote.

Regular dental checkups would assist you to save a lot of money in the long run. He will address to all the health issues before formulating the dental makeover procedure. Most cosmetic dentists have payment plans that will help you cover the costs of porcelain veneers and lumineers. I just wanted to see how other patients had rated their dentists and dental offices.

The first thing that you need to consider when searching for a dentist is the family dental plan. This tool composed of a long hose attached to a syringe is used to rinse and dry the child's mouth before and after the procedure. crystalmedical. Tags: Stamford ct dentist, Stamford dentist, Stamford dentists, dentists in Stamford ctStamford Dentists Ready To Help With Any Dental NeedsBy: Patrick Carter - Sep 17th 2009 - Stamford dentists are there to help no matter the dental need. Leaving a cracked or broken tooth untreated could lead to more pain and further breakage later on, so always see your dentist if you suspect this might be the problem causing your toothache.

For Everyone:. Yet, it is someth. Everyone wants good strong, healthy teeth and so regular cleaning and check ups are vital. This tool composed of a long hose attached to a syringe is used to rinse and dry the child's mouth before and after the procedure. If you are allergic to bananas, do not use banana peels to whiten.